31 Easy Paper Crafts For Kids That Are Absolute Fun!

Looking for cool art projects to keep your little kids busy and creatively engaged? Then we have the perfect collection of paper crafts for kids that will be an absolute hit at home! Try these paper crafts and deck your walls with colourful art. These are engaging activities that will put an end to excessive screen time for kids. So let’s begin with crafty fun!

31 Awesome Kids Paper Crafts To Try Today!

Origami Toy Camera

Origami is a fine way to master motor skills and trigger imagination! A lot can be done with simple paper folding. If you don’t believe it, then you should try making a toy camera with craft paper! It even goes klachuk! Give your kids a break from digital camera phones and talk to them about the age-old SLR ones. All you need is craft paper and a passport sized photo!


Dancing Paper Pinwheel

Are you planning to take a trip to the beach anytime soon? Then you should probably take a paper pinwheel along with you! Your child can dance to the tunes of the wind with this super quick and engaging paper craft activity. If you don’t live by the sea, you can go to your upstairs and enjoy a breezy evening with the dancing paper pinwheel.


Rocket Launcher

Paper crafts are always fun and can even teach your kids a thing or two about science! Like this amazing paper craft rocket launcher. We assure you, this activity will hardly take a couple of minutes for you to create! And once you do, your child won’t stop having fun with this rocket launcher! All you need is paper, a pair of scissors and a straw!


Japanese Paper Folding Fan

Here’s a really cool art project that you must try — the Japanese paper folding fan! Paper pleating is something kids thoroughly enjoy! Strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and make the Japanese fan as colourful as possible! The fan is sure to come in handy during summer.


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Kite Festival

We’re sure this activity will take you for a trip down memory lane.

Tell your kids stories about kite flying and the kite competitions you took part in during your childhood.

Make this colour paper kite and have a blast with fun storytelling! You can also create the same by recycling plastic bags!


Pleated Peacock

Here’s a really enthralling way to introduce your child to India’s National Bird – the Peacock! Do the rain dance and engage with fine paper pleating. A wonderful and magical paper craft activity that will be educative for kids and boost his/her artistic skills.


Circular Paper Spinner

All you need is yarn, paper and sketch pens for this creative paper craft idea! Design colourful concentric patterns and spin it to watch a magical show! Watch as colours burst out from the spinner! Your kids will love this — and so will adults!


Pleated Mini Umbrella

Use the cool art of paper folding to pleat a miniature umbrella to take for a mini monsoon trip! This fine motor activity will enhance your child’s out-of-the-box thinking. All you need for this activity is coloured craft paper and toothpicks!


Magic Wallet

Here’s an excellent April Fool’s or everyday trick that your child can play on his/her near and dear ones. Surprise the participant with a magic wallet. Make money appear and disappear upon command! It’s a simple and easy paper craft that will totally trigger your little one’s curiosity!


Bunny Puppet

A super fun and creative finger puppet idea for your child. Especially fun during the month of Easter, this bunny puppet can even be used to boost pretend-play and imaginative skills. Your child can tell a story and at the same time learn about the life of bunny rabbits!


Bee Colony

A lovely art work to create and great add-on to your living room wall! In this activity, your child will engage with fine motor paper rolling and even create a fantastic projecting bee hive. This bee colony activity will also introduce your child to bees and give him/her a better understanding of their lifestyles.


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3D Ladybug

Here’s a super cool art project that kids can create with paper crafts. Your child makes a 3D artwork using paper folding.

He/she also gets to understand about the famous beetle bug.

This will also look great on a greeting card and will introduce your child to different dimensions.


3D Parachute

Make a colourful parachute using paper cutouts. Teach your child about the flying machines – parachutes! Hot air balloons are always fun to look at. Make this with your child and hand it in front of his/her window. Watch as it sways along with the breeze!


Paper Spinning Top

An activity that will make you reminisce for a while! Remember the old spinning top we played with as kids? How about creating one from scratch with your child? This spinning top will test your little science kids. A super useful paper craft to keep kids engaged for hours. With this activity, your child will also understand basic balance dynamics.


Roll An Elephant

The jumbo animals are flapping their mighty ears to grab your attention! How about having a little safari fun with paper crafts today? Roll out an interesting elephant craft using paper rolls! This way, your child will also get to learn about shapes and animals! You can further your child’s animal knowledge by creating other animals as well!


4-Step Geometric Giraffes

The previous activity was elephant themed! This one, let’s add to the African flavour with conical giraffes! With four simple steps, your child will be able to create giraffes of different sizes and even make a little safari corner in his/her room! Isn’t this a fun way to learn about shapes?


Monster Bookmark

Make reading a quirky experience with colourful and not-so-scary monster corner bookmarks! All it takes is paper folding, fine cutting and creative artwork. The monster corner bookmarks will act as friendly reminders and make the reading a whole lot jollier. Your little ardent readers will be super fond of this.


Paper Lantern

Any festive occasion coming up? How about creating bright and vibrant paper lanterns? You can make them all the more attractive with serial lights! Use textured or handmade paper for a better effect. Your child can beautify his/her room with lights and lanterns!


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Flintobox Success Story - Katerina Folkman

4 Fold Gummy Bear

Here’s another fun origami craft that will test your child’s motor and creativity skills. Make a cute gummy bear in just four simple folds. Origami is a great paper folding technique to keep kids engaged physically and mentally. You can also put this up in your child’s study table or safari corner!


King Of The Jungle

Did you know you could create a lion with 3 paper hearts of different sizes? We have with us a not-so-fearsome yet mighty looking lion created with some snips and snaps of a pair of scissors! Experiment with the scissors and create the majestic king of the jungle with a majestic mane.


Weave A Fish

Here’s a superb and ultra-colourful paper weaving activity to fine-tune your little artist’s fine motor skills. Weave in a magical looking fish with colourful paper strands. This activity will also introduce your child to underwater aquatic life! It’s loads of fun and we’re sure it will look great on your wall!


Straw Missile

An engaging activity that will tickle your little scientist’s thinking! Make way for the non-destructive straw missile! It will hardly take a couple of minutes, but we’re sure that the engagement with this activity will be never-ending. This will trigger your child’s understanding of balance and projection like no other.


Craft A Bird

Who knew that paper crafts could be this fun? Let’s involve with some aviary fun! Try this bird craft activity with simple shapes and paper folds. It’s a lot of fun and will teach your kids the vastness of paper craft ideas. Don’t forget to add the tail!


Tweety Bird

Unlock your child’s artistry skills with this creative Tweety bird. Remember the old Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries? We’re making our very own Tweety with just paper! Pique your little one’s interest in birds with this fun paper craft activity. Ready to begin?


Themes for Preschoolers

Themes for 4 to 8 year olds

Go Fish Project!

Ready to go fishing? Because we’re creating a fishing setup with different coloured sheets of paper. Add a dash of creativity to your child’s room with this art project. You can teach your kids about the art of fishing with this engaging activity. Add paper craft fish, stones and aquatic plants to make it more magical!



Flower Pot Greeting Card

Teach your child to create a colourful and unique greeting card for an upcoming family occasion! Your child can surprise his/her loved ones with this greeting card. There really is nothing as beautiful and loving as a handmade gift, is there? Your child can also personalize it with his/her favourite things!


Strawberry Notebook Cover

Here’s a super duper back-to-school paper crafts activity for your little ones! Cover your child’s notebooks with layers of fruit designs. You can also add a name label as well as a pen-holder. We’ve done a strawberry themed notebook cover. You can make one with your child’s favourite fruit! They’re sure to love it. (This may also get them to eat healthy!)


Forest of Fir Trees

Recycle an old cardboard box to create a mini forest setup. Cut strips of different shades of green paper to make fir trees. You can also prop it on a paper plate and add a snowy effect to it. You can also add on to the magical fir tree forest by adding giraffes, elephants or even hippos!


Storage Station

Paper crafts that are useful? Yep! This one is! Recycle an old cardboard box and transform it into a useful storage station! Cut strips of coloured paper to make it more creative and colourful. Small boxes can be used as stationery holders and large ones can be to stack magazines. This will not only be useful, but will also look absolutely great!


Carrot Container

Does your child like eating healthy food? What about carrots? Well, this activity will come in handy! Make a delicious and crunchy carrot shaped stationery holder with your little one. Try carrot container paper crafts of different shapes to store different items! It’s useful and loads of fun to create!


Spiral Snake

A really quick activity to end the paper crafts list! Say hello to a spiral snake. It’s twisty, friendly and not poisonous! It’s extremely easy to create and will improve your child’s coordination skills in a jiffy. Make these snake decorations – but make sure you don’t scare your loved ones with it!



Wasn’t that fun? Paper crafts are easy to make and can be created anytime and anywhere. There are less restrictions to creativity and no limits to fun! Do share your favourite paper crafts in the comments section of this post!

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