Matchbox Art Jeep Adventure: Activity For Kids

Does your little one have a collection of toy automobiles that he/she likes to play with? How about creating one from scratch with matchbox art to teach him/her about the different parts of a vehicle? It isn’t difficult—all you need is a couple of matchboxes and some bottle caps! Get ready for an adventure with matchbox art jeep!

This matchbox art jeep activity will:

  •  Introduce your child to automobiles
  •  Improve his/her coordination
  •  Keep him/her away from TV/Smartphone

Parental involvement: High

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Balance, Explore, Play

  1.    Matchboxes – 2
  2.    Glue
  3.    A pair of scissors
  4.    Paint and paintbrush
  5.    Bottle caps – 4
  6.    Matchsticks
Instructions for Matchbox Art Jeep Adventure:
  1.    Cut a small portion of a matchbox and stick it upside down on the other matchbox.
  2.    Slide out the box from the lower matchbox.
  3.    Paint the boxes red.
  4.    Paint 4 bottle caps black and glue them to the boxes to form wheels.
  5.    Place two matchsticks diagonally inside the lower box.
  6.    Paint the windows and windshield white.
  7.    Add black stripes in the front of the jeep with white headlights.

Vroom! The Jeep is ready!
If your child enjoyed this matchbox art activity, then he/she is sure to love our Little Transporter box—which is packed with fun activities on automobiles and different modes of transport.

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Gayathri breathes Harry Potter as much as she breathes air. Yes, a hardcore Potterhead! She loves to play with words, write goofy and humorous articles, dabble in art & craft activities, and crack terrible jokes. Having worked as a copywriter with an ad agency, she is currently a content writer at Flintobox!


  • B.Jaishankar

    August 12, 2016 - 11:10 am

    very nice ideas, Gayathri and team! I am by no means a kid, tho` I do have grandkids who like this.Since I have had similar interests all along,and made scale models,I find this refreshing and certainly different from the [what I consider “dull”]world of electronic wonders that people seem hooked to. Keep the ideas coming! thank you

    • Gayathri G

      August 22, 2016 - 12:17 pm

      Thank you very much, Jaishankar. That’s exactly what we believe in. We want children to enjoy their childhood with fun learning experiences 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing your views with us!

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