Best Out Of Waste: 21 Easy Waste Material School Projects For Kids

Do you have a pile of cardboard boxes in your house, just lying around, eating dust, waiting to make the inevitable journey to the dump yard? Did you keep them safe all this while thinking you could teach your child about recycling? Are you looking for fun ideas through which your child can convert these waste materials into something useful?

Well, we’ve got that sorted. Better yet, we could help you spend some quality time with your child, help develop his/her creativity and teach them about recycling. We are talking about some good old-fashioned waste material craft that you simply will enjoy with your child.

And the best part is, we’ve segregated these waste material crafts according to age groups so you can find the ones that will best suit your child! In fact, if you have a school project coming up, we have a couple of waste material project ideas for school too! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

21 waste material craft activities to teach kids about recycling!

Easy best out of waste craft ideas for toddlers and preschoolers:

Wildflower Meadow

Let’s have a little art-attack now—painting by reusing bottle caps and chart paper. Let your little one dip the bottle caps in different colours and paint a meadow filled with colourful wildflowers. Check out our waste material craft idea.

Parking Lot

Help your child create a parking to store his/her automobiles. A awe-inspiring waste material craft idea that about recycling a cardboard box, colouring it, and transforming it into a parking lot of his/her own.

Cardboard Portrait

How about engaging your child with this artsy activity where he/she recycles and reuses a cardboard? So, before you pick out the colours, check out this simple waste material—cardboard—craft idea on Indian Moms Connect. Ready?

Cardboard Portrait - Waste Material Craft

Fun crafts to make out waste for kindergarten kids:

Toy Fighter Plane

Time to build a mighty little toy fighter plane with this delightful waste material craft idea. Your child is sure to love building his/her own toy fighter plane. Your child’s grasping skills and hand-eye coordination will definitely get a boost. So, let’s begin.


Hey be careful while playing with clothespins! Alligators are out to snap your finger off! You don’t think so? Well, then this waste material craft activity is just the thing! Your child will have so much fun making a friendly little alligator.

Craft Postbox

How about creating a miniature postbox table décor with this waste material craft activity? All you need is an used plastic jar, black and red paints; the craft postbox will be ready in no time. You can leave tiny positive letters for your child to open every day!


An itsy-bitsy spider is going to climb out of the paper cup! Let’s make sure it’s not the scary kind, shall we? Recycle paper cup and transform it into a spider of any colour with this thrilling waste material craft idea! We made a black tarantula with red legs.

Good manners for kids

Creative best out of waste ideas for kids in Class 1 – Class 3:

Storage Station

Here’s how you can recycle a cardboard box and make a storage station for your child to store anything. For this simple waste material crafts activity, you are gonna need a big or small cardboard box, some coloured sheets, glue, tape. So all set?

Retro Cassette Player

A little nostalgic décor with an used matchbox. Remember the good old cassette player? Well, what better way to tell your child stories of your childhood. With this enchanting waste material activity, walk down the memory lane. Ah sigh!

You’ve Got Mail

Has your child seen a letterbox? Whether a yes or  a no, he/she is sure love this waste material craft idea. Recycle and transform a matchbox into a letterbox! Once done, leave it on your little one’s table with tiny reminder notes and all.

Paper Bag Luminaries

Recycle the paper bags lying around and make turn them into colourful luminaries with this wonderful  waste material craft activity on Krafty Krook. Your child will love all the snipping and gluing with colourful crepe papers (the ones you use for birthdays!). Here’s how you can do.

Paper Bag Luminaries - Waste Material Craft

Exciting best out of waste ideas for kids in Class 4 – Class 6:

T-Shirt Tote Bag

What if you can make some tote bags by reusing your old t-shirts? Here’s a thrilling waste material DIY activity, which we made for World Environment Day, for your child and you to try out. Apart from recycling, you get to create your own bags for grocery, everyday use, etc. Go green then?

Jeep Adventure

Vroom! Your child and you are about to transform used matchboxes and bottle caps into a jeep with this waste material craft idea! Get paint colours and paintbrushes at the ready! Let your child choose the colour of his/her choice!

Shark Attack

A clothespin is ideal to create a shark. Shhh! This waste material craft activity has to be done with absolute care. It’s shark teeth, after all. Help your child make a shark about to gobble a fish. It can be a prop for pretend-play and stories.

Bunker Bed

With a couple of used matchboxes and some paint, build a mini bunker bed table décor. Here’s the waste material craft idea that is sure to make your child jump with joy. Imagine using it as a prop while telling bedtime stories!

Good manners for kids

Mini Suitcase

Pack your suitcase and head for a holiday! Oh wait, you can needn’t have to just yet. How about creating a mini suitcase with this waste material craft activity. Your little one will have ball of a time snipping and painting!

Matchbox Robot

Have seen a robot made of matchboxes? Here’s one for you to try. With this waste material craft activity, build a robot out of used matchboxes. Let your little one help you in creating one. Once done, tell a story like a robot!

Pineapple Pen Stand

This new school term helps your child organise and stack the stationery items. How about a fruity twist to this study table décor? We made a pineapple pen stand, a waste material craft activity that your little one would love. You will need a used plastic jar.

Simple waste material projects for school:

Nautical Lighthouse

Ready to create lighthouse out of recycled bottle? With this waste material craft idea, your child and you can paint an awe-inspiring set-up of the nautical lighthouse. So pick out all the necessary craft supplies and get ready to anchor a lighthouse by the shore!

Wind Turbine

Reuse paper cups into wind turbine with this creative waste material craft idea. As your child paints, glues, and creates the windmill, you can discuss about the clean energy, the wind energy. Recycle some paper cups along with your little one!

Photo Frame Rocket

If you are wondering how a rocket can make for a photo frame, well then check out this waste material craft activity. By recycling bottle and some chart, your child will be able to build a rocket photo frame décor.

Good manners for kids


Did your child and you have fun creating some wonderful crafts out of waste materials? Well, these set activities are sure to help your child’s imagination, motor, and coordination. Do tell us which all activities your little one liked in the ‘Comments’ section.

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Originally published on 17th Aug 2016. Updated on Dec 20th 2017.

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