14 Incredible Cardboard Craft Activities You Cannot Resist Creating

Did you end up with cardboard boxes following a sale or something? Well, you cannot stack them against the wall. So, fear not, we have a bunch of interesting cardboard craft ideas that’s sure to tickle your and your child’s creativity and interest. Get, set to recycle your cardboard boxes (Flintoboxes too)! Oh, you’ll need a few other stationery items, as well. Read on.

14 Fun Cardboard Craft Activities For Your Child & You To Bond Over


Photo-Frame Gift

Photo frame makes for a living room décor. Sit down with your child and pick out a photo that means a lot to you. Then, it’s time to create a photo frame by recycling a cardboard piece. Make it as colourful as possible. Stick the photo on the recycled photo frame! Well, here’s one that we created for Father’s Day.



Foosball In A Box

Here’s how you can recycle and transform the cardboard box into a football ground. You’ll need some straws and clothespins too. Create a foosball set-up with this cardboard craft activity and teach your little one how to play the game. Psst! you can hold championships too!



Handmade Card

A family event round the corner—a birthday or anniversary? You can get your child to create a simple yet beautiful personalised card by recycling cardboard. We made a handmade card for Father’s Day with buttons and yarns. It is a small desktop standee with a personalised message for dad.



Forest of Fir Trees

How about creating a magical forest table décor for your little one? Well, we created a mini forest filled with fir trees by recycling cardboard pieces and decorating them with coloured papers. You may add animals—giraffes, elephants, bears, or any magical creature.



Greeting Card

Your child wants to make birthday card for his/her father? Worry not, we have a customised greeting card activity where your little one can recycle cardboard, stick coloured paper, and write a message for his/her dad. We made a greeting card for Father’s Day.



School Bag Checklist

Reminding your child to pack everything for school can be hassle free. Know how? With this recycled cardboard craft activity that will help your little one organise his/her bag better. Make a simple school bag checklist that in the shape of a frog like ours!



Cardboard Castle

Building castles is loads of fun! How about recycling some big boxes to make one from scratch? Create a complete empire for your little one using cardboard craft! You can also make a cardboard crown for the little majesty!

Cardboard Castle

Paper Folder

This new school year, help your child organise the important papers and answer sheets in an effective manner. Make a paper folder by recycling a piece of cardboard and using some coloured papers. Engage your little one in making a creative cardboard paper folder! Here’s how:



School Bus Pen Stand

Is your child’s study table messy with all the stationery items spread across its length and breadth? Well, it’s time to help your child organise better with this cardboard box craft activity. Your little one not only learns about recycling and creates a school bus pen stand from scratch.



Shoelace Practise Board

Kids take a while to master the art of tying shoelaces. So how about giving them a board to practise it? All you got to do is cut an outline of a shoe and punch holes. You can then teach your kiddo different shoe-lacing techniques! This is useful and will surely be fun!

Shoe Lace Practise Board

Key Holder

How often have you misplaced your house keys? It’s time to make a key holder with this cardboard craft activity that your child will absolutely love. Once done, make him/her in charge of putting the keys in place. This Father’s Day, we made a colourful key holder for dads who often misplace their keys.



Storage Station

Ready to recycle a cardboard box and to transform it into a useful storage space? With this creative crafts activity, your child can store anything he/she wants—magazines, small books, or stationery items. Get some coloured sheets, glue, tape, big or small cardboard box and you are all set! It’ll be a wonderful organised station and will look great too!



Business Card Holder

Wouldn’t it be nice to place those business cards lying around? It’s time to recycle a soap box into a business card holder by using coloured papers. Your little one will enjoy all that snipping! You can take off from the professional-looking business card holder we made for dads, this Father’s Day.



Parking Lot

Here’s how you can help your child organise his/her toy automobiles: create a parking lot. A playful craft idea that teaches him/her also about recycling a cardboard box. Let him/her choose colours and paint the walls of parking lot on his/her own. Once done, help little one stack their toys!




Interesting, weren’t they? It’s never too late to teach your child to recycle cardboard boxes. Do comment below and tell us which of the cardboard craft activities were super duper hit with your little one.

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