Flinto Champions – DJ Bravo Style

DJ Bravo, the dynamic West Indies cricket player and famous for his exuberant dance moves, recently launched his song titled ‘Champion‘! In true sportsman style, the song states that every body is a champion which exactly synchronizes with what we at Flintobox believe in – Every Child Is A Champion.

We’ve created a fun video dedicated to all our Flinto Kid Champions featuring DJ Bravo’s upbeat track! So turn up your volume and groove to the beats of the song that the entire world is dancing to!

Caution: This video is sure to leave a smile on your face!

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Gayathri breathes Harry Potter as much as she breathes air. Yes, a hardcore Potterhead! She loves to play with words, write goofy and humorous articles, dabble in art & craft activities, and crack terrible jokes. Having worked as a copywriter with an ad agency, she is currently a content writer at Flintobox!

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