Flinto Champs Video Challenge Contest

Flinto Champs

Are you a Flintobox customer? Has your child or a child you know used Flintobox? Well, here’s an excellent chance to showcase your child’s Flintobox creations for the entire world to see! All you need to do is take a video of your child showcasing his/her Flintobox creations and share it with us

Flintobox Summer Camp 2017 Winners List

Flintobox Summer Camp For Kids

All good things come to an end, and so has Flintobox Summer Camp 2017.

The 10-day free camp from home which was held on our Facebook page between April 24th and May 4th, 2017 saw tremendous enthusiasm from parents and children from across the country. And more than anything, we witnessed

Flintobox Summer Camp Activity 9 – Garden Finger Puppets

Garden Finger Puppet - Summer Camp Activity 9

With the increasing high rises and crowded cities, greenery is fast disappearing. Not just trees, even gardens are getting confined to balconies and terrace. As a result, a lot of small creatures that used to crowd our neighbourhoods are now nowhere to be seen.

So we’ve put together a little finger

Flintobox Summer Camp Activity 8 – Astronaut Mask

Astronaut Mask - Summer Camp Activity 8

The search for answers to help build a sustainable future has taken us beyond the boundaries of our own planet and into outer space, lending to innumerous knowledge and discoveries. So it’s only right that we honor the great people who dare take up the task of exploring the unknown.


Flintobox Summer Camp Activity 7 – Plant A Tree

Plant A Tree - Summer Camp Activity 7

What does your child know about climate change and global warming?

Regardless of how old he/she might be, it’s important that we make them understand the impact of global warming and the importance of trees!

Today’s activity – ‘Plant a Tree’ is aimed at spreading this knowledge and making

Flintobox Summer Camp Activity 6 – Rocket Car

Rocket Car - Summer Camp Activity 6

As crazy as it may seem, we’re sure you yourself would’ve imagined something similar in your childhood! And since it’s summer camp, and time is of plenty, why don’t we take some time to let our imagination fly!

Vrrrr….Vrrr….And the car zooms past…! Doesn’t your child love to pretend play with

Flintobox Summer Camp Activity 5 – Clothespin Dragonfly

Clothespin Dragonfly - Summer Camp Activity 5

Whether you gaze out into your little garden or venture into the wilderness for a summer camp, the chances are, even if you don’t see any butterflies, you’ll surely be greeted by a dragonfly!

With its transparent wings that glimmer under the sun, dragonflies are enchanting! Your child and you can

Flintobox Summer Camp Activity 4 – Travel Journal

Travel Journal - Summer Camp Activity 4

A journal helps keep track of all the beautiful events and memories. Now that we’re in the middle of a summer camp, it’s only fair that we get ourselves a travel journal before we move ahead!

So, get your child to record his/her memories about the travel through different places. It