Gayathri G

Gayathri breathes Harry Potter as much as she breathes air. Yes, a hardcore Potterhead! She loves to play with words, write goofy and humorous articles, dabble in art & craft activities, and crack terrible jokes. Having worked as a copywriter with an ad agency, she is currently a content writer at Flintobox!

Kite Paper Craft: Creative Activity For Kids

kite paper craft

With the International Kite Festival Celebrations right around the corner, why don’t you let your child create their very own version of a paper kite? Kite flying is perhaps what our childhood comprised—carefully crafting the kites, learning the knack of cutting the neighbour’s kites, and understanding the force of the wind! Time

Children’s Day Special Postage Stamp Activity

Children's Day Special Postage Stamp

Children’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got an activity that will take you for a trip down memory lane. Remember the good ol’ letter writing days when we’d walk to the local store to buy postage stamps? Well, we’ve come up with our own version of a postage stamp that

Father’s Day Special Personalized Travelling Bag

Father's Day Special Personalized Travelling Bag

If your dad travels way too much, this gift will surely come in handy! Here’s a quick and easy Father’s Day special personalized travelling bag activity that has huge functional purpose. Your dad can now store his travelling essentials in your handmade kit. This way, you can be assured that he always