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Healthy Habits - Activity Boxes for Toddlers

Healthy Habits box is all set to take your toddler on the path towards healthy living! From introducing him/her to positive habits to teaching essential everyday practises, this box has everything your child needs! If you're ready, let's get started in helping your child develop the right routines and lifestyle!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Healthy Habits - Pizza Fun

Pizza Fun

Healthy homemade pizza puzzle that your child slices and shares with others!
Flintobox Healthy Habits - My Magic Wash

My Magic Wash

Exploratory activity for your child as he/she washes clothes in a pretend washing machine.
Flintobox Healthy Habits - My Printed Bag

My Printed Bag

Hands-on activity where your toddler makes a printed cloth bag using stencils and learns to recycle
Flintobox Healthy Habits - Chocolate Monster

Chocolate Monster

In this oral hygiene activity, your child helps brush the germs off Chocolate Monster's teeth!
Flintobox Healthy Habits - Homemade Sandwich

Homemade Sandwich

Creative activity which makes eating healthy food an enjoyable experience for your child!
Flintobox Healthy Habits - Flinto & His Bath

Flinto & His Bath

It's time to take a bath, but Flinto finds a number of excuses to escape from one! What do you think happens?
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