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Garden Explorer - Activity Boxes for Toddlers

Introduce the concept of gardening, flowers, fruits, and vegetables with Garden Explorer! Get your toddler geared up with spades, gloves, and rakes for we have some backyard fun in store! Your budding botanist will get an insight about the different living creatures that reside in gardens and learn to appreciate the green atmosphere around!
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read
Flintobox Garden Explorer - Garden Fun

Garden Fun

Your child matches and learns about the different creatures that a garden is home to
Flintobox Garden Explorer - Counting Leaves

Counting Leaves

Fun activity where your child counts and fits the leaves to complete the plants
Flintobox Garden Explorer - Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Your child props up a vegetable patch, learns about vegetables, and plays a memory game
Flintobox Garden Explorer - Number Caterpillar

Number Caterpillar

Your child learns to match colours, sequence, and recognise numbers!
Flintobox Garden Explorer - Apple Trees

Apple Trees

Colourful art activity where your child stamps leaves, flowers, and fruits on trees
Flintobox Garden Explorer - Story Tell: Emo's Garden

Story Tell: Emo's Garden

Emo explores the different species in the garden. What all does Emo see?
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