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Fun With Electricity - Activity Boxes for 8-12 Year Olds

Get your child ready for a fun science exploration! Fun With Electricity box is loaded with exciting science experiments to give your child practical exposure to basic electricity! With these activities, your child will delve into the magical world of circuits and energy levels! Ready to experiment?
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Packed with many activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read

Conduction Detector

Stimulating game where your child fixes a circuit inside a paper robot and is introduced to conductors and insulators.

My First Circuit

Your child learns about different components in a circuit and fixes a simple one to make the LED glow!

Voltage Effect

Enthralling activity where your child explores the concept of voltage by experimenting with batteries.

My Robot House

Fun art activity where your child colours a robot mansion and makes it light up with the help of a simple circuit.
Other themes you get in subscription
Everyday Science
Magical Magnets
Glowing Chemistry
Amazing Hydraulics
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